Sunday, March 03, 2013

Rising Once More, Unconquered--History of Polish Jews

For those of you on my list who are not Jewish but who are interested in some untold and unknown-to-many history of Polish Jewry you may be interested in this (scroll down to the video).  Jewish culture need not only be memorialized by death but by the continuance of life as well.  For those of you on my list who are Jewish most likely if you are Ashkenazi (Eastern European) heritage then this most definitely will apply to you.

My heritage is, of course, Ashkenazi -- one set of grandparents from the Jewish shetyl (village) in Russia of Shepatovka/Slavuta and the other set of grandparents from Poland -- Minsk/Guberna so this particular video has great interest to me as the emphasis of it is continuance of a vibrant Jewish life in Poland and it is testament to the ultimate failure of Hitler's fascist attempt to annihilate.  

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