Tuesday, March 05, 2013

My Letter to Rachel Maddow

Before you read what I wrote to Rachel Maddow last night (slightly reworked) I will put the link to her segment here and below which includes some emotional issues about which I shed tears as well as an interview of the retired first woman Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O'Connor.  You will be able to see how Rachel handled the interview of this supposedly rather moderate Supreme Court Justice appointed by Ronald Reagan.  I LOVE Rachel Maddow but occasionally something on her show, well, gets my goat.  The interview of Justice O'Connor by Rachel did just that.  

Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman justice appointed by Ronald Reagan who tipped the decision of Bush v. Gore in the 2000 presidential election between former VP Al Gore and George W. Bush handing George W. Bush the office of the presidency.  He was clearly a man not fit to be president.  His minions took over the reins of power and handed us a nation both economically, politically, internationally and racially a devastating legacy birthing an historically divided nation now coming perilously close to the civil war we see today.

I wrote the letter late last evening and was intent on simply getting my point across in a less than eloquent style which I hope, IF you read this, you will forgive.  I wrote the following:

Rachel, your show tonight was in part fabulous.  I cried as Representative John Lewis received a badge from the Chief of Police of Selma.  It was such an emotional moment.  

I cried knowing that the gay rights movement since 1971 has come such a long way -- a million miles as you said.  Yes, I cried several times as you conducted a wonderful show yet again.  You give credence to my view that you are the Edward R. Murrow of our time.  In fact, I believe you are better than even he.

I cried too to at the Sandra Day O'Connor interview but they were tears of sadness.  I rarely criticize you, Rachel, because I agree with nearly all you say.  I love you as a news commentator more than I could ever say.  You are the personification of excellence in broadcast news commentary.

I do, though, have a few words of disappointment for your interview of Justice O'Connor.  I do realize that respect, of course, must be given to her by you for the mere fact that she retains the majestic aura we hold for most of our Supreme Court justices.  I did though wish that someone would have held this woman's feet to the fire.  Just who does she think she is kidding that justices are not political?  Does she think we are idiots?  Her decision anointing the MISFIT nincompoop George W. Bush into the presidency when IN FACT that damned 2000 election was stolen and will go down as a decision from hell much like Dred Scott or Plessy.  That will be her historical legacy.

Shame on her for casting a MOST POLITICAL vote of her life and not treating the Florida vote of the 2000 election with the fairness it deserved.  The Supreme Court is not political she says!?  Really?

Does it keep her up at night, I would LOVE to know, when she realizes that she put into office one of the most lawless, disgustingly moronic and disastrous presidencies in our history?  Does she think about the fact that SHE could have held in her hands a vote of fairness by making sure, as the Florida Supreme Court ordered, to count EVERY damn vote?  If she did the election, of course, would have gone to Al Gore as academics in universities and respected news entities who have studied the Florida fiasco of that time have nearly unanimously said.  

Al Gore probably would NOT have ignored warnings of an impending 9/11 attack and 3000 lives would have been saved.  Al Gore NEVER EVER would have taken this nation to war under false pretenses killing HUNDREDS of thousands of innocents and five thousand of our own armed forces permanently disabling a towering MANY.  

Yes, does this keep her up at night that she put an idiot into the presidency who had NO idea  what he was doing, who destabilized an entire tinderbox Middle East region putting Iraq in the hands of Iran doing Iran a HUGE favor by anointing it hegemonic king of that region.

Yes, this is the Sandra Day O'Connor you accorded such respect when you questioned her instead of lambasting her for one of the WORST decisions in the history of this nation which took a nation to war that is UNENDING even unto this day.  No, Al Gore never would have taken this nation to an illegal Iraq war.  Al Gore NEVER would have tortured and importantly Al Gore would have realized global climate change and DONE something about it.  Al Gore was brilliant!

But you let Sandra Day O'Connor off easy and now justices that have been put in place by the idiot Bush and other know-nothing "conservatives" will possibly overturn the most justice-laden decision ever, the 1965 Voting Right Act, and KILL equality in this nation for a long long time.  Yes, as one of the  mendacious conservative Republican Supreme Court justices said, Supreme Court decisions involving race tend to last a long long time.

Thank you, Justice O'Connor.  Thank you for NOTHIN!  I WISH you, Rachel, could have been brave enough like John Lewis was when he walked across in 1965 the Edmund Pettus Bridge which nearly killed him as he confronted on the other end a MURDEROUS mob.  

You let this woman off the hook.  She could have ensured the safety of this nation but instead decided POLITICALLY yes, POLITICALLY because she, in fact, was a Republican, appointed by a Republican who placed into the highest office in the land political hacks of her own Republican party.  She probably was afraid her compatriots would be mad at her. I say SO WHAT!  Bravery is doing things most could not do because it requires us to face danger squarely in the face.  She was NOT brave enough to face the decision of her life with a fairness which would have enshrined her in history. She did the opposite because she could not face the ire of colleagues in the Republican Party and you, this time, were not brave enough to force her to confront that fact.

Shame on Justice O'Connor.  I hold her in contempt and I wish you had too.

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