Friday, February 15, 2013

The Despicable John McCain and an Email to him

YOU of all people, Mr. McCain, are angry at Senator Hagel since he ideologically split with your party because of a PHONY TRUMPED UP war killing THOUSANDS and creating unbelievable instability in that neck of the woods? SHAME ON YOU, Mr. McCain. Once you were thought to have a mind of your own now you fault Mr. Hagel for having one himself and on moral grounds objecting to a disastrous war. HE WAS RIGHT about it maybe that's what gets you. SHAME ON YOU! 

IF we EVER on planet earth thought Republicans would be willing to compromise with this president we can see now finally what a mistake it was to think that. Lindsay Graham and YOU, who professed your adoration for your war compatriot Hagel, NOW stab him in the back to hold up the process. This is DESPICABLE. This obstruction has NEVER been done before to a president's choice for Secretary of Defense. 

First Susan Rice with your mendacious FAUX charges on Benghazi because of words she said on a talk show when it first happened. Rice had NOTHING to do with Benghazi and YOU knew it. Republicans did that to poke a stick in the eye of the president and for nothing more. Hagel is eminently qualified.  

If the president is guilty of Benghazi which he was NOT then how come Republican HYPOCRITES did not indict George Bush for taking us to a PHONY Iraq war killing THOUSANDS. One can see how SICKENING the minority racist bastard extremists who control the Republican Party are and YOU are controlled by them. Yes, I believe much if not most of the opposition Tea Baggers will do anything in their power to defeat this sterling African American president. This fuels their animus and you go where the power is despite your own one time singularity. 

ONCE you were a moral man but NO more. If we do nothing else for our Democratic humanitarian cause we WILL remember this -- Our lives, OUR children's lives and ALL those who come after them WILL be cut short because of your party's vicious bastards' attempts at pulling Medicare and Social Security out from under them. Republicans have wanted to do that since FDR. If the nation keeps electing Republican mendacious vipers like you never were BUT are now we are in BIG trouble. Republicans are gunning for our money and everyone else's money to give to Wall Street to invest, then have the market fail like it did in 2007 and the Wall Street BUMS will take it all. Hagel is just a symbol of what the obstruction is about. How could YOU do that to your good friend for George Bush, a little despicable man who killed thousands for a lie? If allowed these inanimate object Republicans will see to it that they, their corporations, the pigs they feed at the trough and their racist cronies will take it all. 

You are forewarned. We WILL do anything one can that is legal to tell these monster Republicans we KNOW what they are up to and that we the Democrats, Independents and even fair minded Republicans of humane thought WILL do everything in our power to defeat these know nothings come 2014 and beyond. YOU a war hero, are compromising national security by not confirming the multi-qualified Hagel. Tell your cronies in no uncertain terms Republicans WILL pay the electoral price in the not to distant future. We WILL not forget and say NEVER AGAIN!

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