Friday, February 01, 2013

Scott Brown NOT running!!!

Just heard/read on MSNBC that Scott Brown is not running!  

I do not know about any of you but my animus about him was SO negative after his RUDE treatment of the wonderful Elizabeth Warren that I was going to devote 150% of my energy no matter how hard that I could to defeat that bloviating, superficial, mendacious Republican FOOL.

On to Ed Markey and let's WIN one for him and every other Democrat in the land.  

My goal is to EMPHATICALLY RETAKE the House, keep the Senate and hand Barack Obama FINALLY a Congress with whom he can work! No matter your state you too should work within your state to turn all those formerly blue but now red state legislatures back to the blue it should be.  Republicans and the austerity they bring will NOT be for you unless you are part of the richest 2%! 


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