Saturday, February 02, 2013

Fake News and Intelligent News -- a blogger's take and my own

You might want to consider a blogger's excellent comment about the difference between MSNBC and Faux Fake Fox No News News.  My view below it includes citing independently owned "Democracy Now" and other very good independent News entities worthy of watching.  

The blogger's view reflects mine about MSNBC perfectly while understanding MSNBC and all news is corporately owned and not independent.  Still MSNBC is MUCH better than any other mainstream news anywhere!

The blogger said:

"Pretty much, the only TV shows I watch "live" are premium cable series and MSNBC. From 5PM-11PM, if I'm watching TV, I'm watching MSNBC.

MSNBC has basically ruined me for "regular" news. Plain vanilla reading from the prompter with no passion or additional insight into the pundit/reporter's take, and/or how it could affect me, or those I care about, and why I should care, is boring.
In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with "bias" as long as the facts are accurately reported.

And that's one of the major differences between MSNBC and Faux News. While prime-time MSNBC hosts are biased in their reporting, they don't slant, or otherwise report inaccuracies as fact. Whereas, reporting a slanted, fictionalized account of the news, is the whole reason for Faux News' existence.

The other main difference is that MSNBC hosts are simply more intelligent:

My Response to him which includes other Independent News entities:
You hit the proverbial nail on the head and said it much more succinctly and better than I. I agree with you 150%. That's exactly the reason I love MSNBC so much!!

There are other Independent forums online which are very very good. I wish cable could carry them but if one has Smart TV (I do not) one can I am told get those programs. "Democracy Now" with Amy Goodman is excellent.  Sometimes I watch it online. Something called "The Real News" online and of course “Current” on Cable is still good. Current sold by Al Gore and  now owned by Al Jeezera and to me that is a plus.  Al Jeezera English is quite good.   I am Jewish and see NO reason to abandon good news programming no matter where it comes from.  Current so far offers very good programming and is NOT against Israel. As long as all news organizations do not have a religious slant of any kind I would watch it.  I can take criticism of all nations especially in that neck of the woods as there SURELY is enough in every nation or semi nation state there to go around the world many times over!


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