Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Perfect is the Enemy of the Good

Despite the president's critics on the left I am one liberal who loves him.  I wish he could govern for the next twenty years. I believe he is trying his best for the nation.
On Foreign Policy:  Am I happy with absolutely everything? No. Do I want civil liberties to always be recognized? Yes. BUT there are times I am sure the president has ordered things he felt were necessary to protect the nation sacrificing other principles in their wake. I support him for this.
On the Economy: Did I want the CEO the banksters to go before the courts en masse? YES, I did BUT too big to fail CANNOT fail.  He put Wall Streeters in his cabinet to protect the economy.  That WILL protect Main Street. If the OBSTRUCTIONIST Republicans would care about the country they SAY they love and pass more stimulus, jobs would be created, more revenue would be collected which would help the markets even more. If the president got all that he wanted the economy would be even better. But he is dealt a lousy Republican obstructionist often racist hand.  I support his treasury choices even if I was critical in the past.
On guns: AGAIN he is dealt a lousy hand by a right wing extremist violent, hateful group that thinks the Second Amendment gives them license to overthrow the government. NO it does NOT. It was enacted by a fledgling nation of 13 states that needed to protect itself from and ensure its legitimacy to foreign powers so that the people could be armed to protect that nation from a foreign power overthrowing it. It says "WELL REGULATED MILITIA." that means a militia within the states because strong federal government protection had not yet developed. 
The Second Amendment is NOT cover to overthrow the government, it is NOT cover to have any rancid multi-killing weapon of war one wants. One should NOT be able to obtain assault rifles and multi magazine bullet clips. Why? Because those are either meant to kill civilians OR they are meant to overthrow the United States government. That was IMPOSSIBLE in the late 1960's on the left and it likewise is NOT nor should it EVER be possible on the right. 
No government is perfect.  Let us not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

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