Friday, January 18, 2013

By Any Means Necessary -- Republican Subversion of the Electoral Process

Below my opinion here I attach the Daily Kos, a progressive blog, which even more precisely explains what party politics is occurring. In short, I aver one of the most important ways Republicans try to steal elections is by gerrymandering districts to ensure that they obtain control of  the House even though Democrats have tallied up more of the popular votes for the House. Districts, however, are drawn every ten years by the state legislatures. What Republicans, who are in control of many state legislatures, have done, of course, is unfair and even unethical but since when did the Republican Party ever care about fairness?  As usual, elections matter EVEN STATE ELECTIONS as the state legislatures draw districts to their own advantage and hence the gridlock in Washington especially if the presidency is controlled by Democrats which we NEVER want to relinquish.

What is worse, the NO ETHICS Republican Party is trying to subvert where they can state-by-state the electoral process and divide the Electoral College up into districts so that it does not become a winner take all presidential electoral system as it has historically been.  Ohio may have gone to Romney if Ohio had that system.  Now Republican controlled state legislative assemblies and governors are attempting to try to pass legislation do it.

Republicans see their handwriting on the wall.  They are a losing party not only in message BUT in demographics and they know it.  So they will try to do what they can now to ensure they snatch power by any means necessary.

Republicans are ONLY as good as the voters who are willing to vote for them. The Democratic Party and other progressives MUST try to reverse this naked grab for power by explaining Republican sleazy tactics and persuading, by cogent argument, why the Republican Party is NOT about most voters.  

Rachel Maddow had a very IMPORTANT segment on how Republican boa constrictors are trying to subvert the electoral national presidential process by doing the same thing as they did through gerrymandering congressional districts.  They are trying to create a system whereby the Electoral College is divided up and split into districts. They think Romney COULD have won Ohio and other states this way and could have, therefore, won the presidency.

If they have to go through these kinds of machinations to win then obviously the Republican Party is a DYING party that needs to jump through hoops and turn into a pretzel no matter how unethical that pretzel is to win.  WE MUST FIGHT THEM EVERY SINGLE STEP OF THE WAY BY ANY OF OUR MEANS NECESSARY EVEN THROUGH THE COURTS IF NEED BE FOR DEMOCRATS AND PROGRESSIVES TO WIN!

Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest

Leading Off:

Redistricting: Since the election, lots of Democrats have pointed to the discrepancy between the nationwide House popular vote (won by Dems) and the GOP's continued control of the House majority, to which the GOP response has been mostly "Hmmrmrmf ... hey, look over there!" But in the last few weeks, something seems to have changed: namely, Republicans now seem to be loudly embracing the fact that, yes, gerrymandering saved their majority in 2012—and they're proud of it. Part of this trend stems from a recent memo from the Republican State Leadership Committee (their counterpart to the DLCC) and its REDMAP program, emphasizing the role of their 2010 legislative victories in preserving their House majority in 2012.

And on Thursday, at the House GOP's annual retreat, NRCC chair Greg Walden adopted that same line, saying "Redistricting was a blessing for us." That's also reflected in a new NRCC memo that claims that the number of competitive seats is smaller under the new round of districting, and that there are now 190 "strong Republican seats." (There's no cited discussion what constitutes a "strong Republican seat," though my back-of-the-envelope math suggests it might be districts that are around 45 percent Obama or less.)

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