Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Represenative Chaffetz -- a Judas in Our Time

Representative Jason Chaffetz (R) from Utah went on The Today Show and said he was against gun control and thought that the slaughter at Newtown was a mental health problem rather than a gun control issue. Funny how Republicans are against the president’s Affordable Health Care Act which includes treatment for mental health but think further horrific killings like the one at Newtown should be treated as a mental health problem.

Representative Chaffetz’s views on the Today Show were an abomination. Republican Representative Chaffetz is willing to trade 16 pieces of silver to give to the corporate gun lobbyists their pound of flesh rather than eliminate the weapons of war used solely for mass killings in a civilian population. Representative Chaffetz wants PSYCHOLOGISTS to pick out every deranged person rather than ridding the nation of guns used solely to kill massive numbers of people.

Most youth and others if troubled, especially males, will not seek psychological help for their mental health problems. Taking assault weaponry, extended bullet clips OFF the market and making background checks mandatory for ALL private gun show transactions is asking little to save a life. Would Representative Chaffetz not think that IF his own family was at risk and he had the chance to save them by enacting stricter gun control laws?

The issue of wholesale slaughter of children by guns is both a mental health issue AND a gun issue. Perhaps Representative Chaffetz fears the NRA gun lobby will boot him from office. Indeed, who donates to Representative Chaffetz’s election coffers? My guess is corporate gun manufacturers do. That means he does NOT care a whit about innocent life but cares more about the bucks he gets for his next campaign from the corporate behemoths who fill his coffers with money.

Representative Chaffetz and the Republican Party are part of the problem not the solution. I will do everything I can to expose those who oppose strict gun control legislation and label them as those who stand against humanity and not for it; as those who stand against children and not for them; as those who stand against the survival of our nation and not for it.

I hope the 16 pieces of silver Representative Chaffetz and other Republicans trade for the lives of our people makes them MISERABLE and that he and his cronies of corporate gun greed think twice about the death they have inflicted on all of us. THEY WILL LOSE AS THIS TIME THIS GUN VIOLENCE IS DIFFERENT -- 20 children were the lambs slaughtered by a mentally disturbed person with access to an assault rifle pumping 11 shots into one of them. MAYBE it will take this tragedy for our country to come to its senses and support those who support sane restrictions on the lethality of guns rather than Congresspersons who look for the next lobbying position to make them millions at our expense!

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