Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Murderous Mourdock and the Republican New Real Deal

Mitt Romney is not ONLY about electing a man who thinks corporations are people and will act accordingly accumulating IMMENSE profits for corporations that already earn profits in the hundred of millions and billions but he is also about choosing profits over people reflecting his company Bain's vulture capital ethos. He is, of course, exactly like his company Bain Capital which thinks nothing of taking over companies, eating their entrails, firing American workers, dissolving the company on American soil then shipping its jobs to any country which allows its workers to slave for wages of $1.00 per day. After all it’s nothing personal it’s just business!

Sensata Technologies is reflective of just that. It is or was a plant in Freeport, Illinois taken over by Bain Capital and against the pleas and protest of American workers who stand to lose everything, Bain ignores their cries and its pleas for Romney to intercede even arresting some who protest its job masticating ways. The company Senstata employed PEOPLE not robots but if you are a Mitt Romney you have NO heart, no soul and no conscience when it comes to the accumulation of YOUR own wealth. Romney will say anything, do whatever it takes and rollover whomever he must to concern himself with himself no matter whom it destroys even WHEN his wealth accumulated is in the hundreds of millions. It is never enough. I thought Teddy Roosevelt though Republican busted the monopolistic trusts of yesteryear. The politics of Romney makes me think I am in a time warp returning to a 19th century mind set.

As bad as Romney’s policies are on economic issues he stands for worse policy on the so-called social issues. The most egregiously stupid components of the Republican Party would, IF THEY COULD, roll back the progressive advancement of this country to the 1950’s. A talking head (I know not whom) said “We may love the series about the 1950’s Mad Men but we SURELY would not want to live in it again.” Having lived in that era I can attest to that especially if one is African American, disabled, gay and of course, a woman.

Most specifically on religious, economic, women’s health and reproductive issues he and his minions if they gain power will relegate women to a life of unfair pay for equal work, make contraception and pregnancy an affair of the state and not only blur the separation of church and state but FUSE it.

Republican candidate for the senate Todd Akin several weeks ago said the scientific absurdity that a woman’s body can defend against pregnancy from forcible rape because her body mounts a defense against it. This is not unique because many in the Republican Party actually BELIEVE that tripe! Yesterday, yet again, Richard Mourdock, Republican candidate for the US Senate from Indiana shows the stupidity of the Republican Romney Party by saying the following and I quote:

I believe life begins at conception. The only exception I have for to have an abortion is in the case of the life of the mother. I struggled with myself for a long time but I came to realize life is that gift from God, even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape. It is something that God intended to happen.

One might think these two men represent a skit from Saturday Night Live but they do not. They are serious. Romney quickly stated he disagreed with Mourdock view BUT would not pull the ads he ran before the statement was uttered and still supports him. Why? He knows he will need him for Republicans to take control of the Senate.

BUT there is a wider more nefarious reason Romney would not pull his ads supporting Mourdock. The Republican Party of right wing extremism ENDORSES those views. If Romney rejected candidates with views like Mourdock then Romney KNOWS he would not have been a candidate for the presidency on the Republican ticket. The murderous views of Richard Mourdock are NOT eschewed by the Republican Party they are EMBRACED by it.

The Republican Party along with its draconian economic policy would cut severely programs that would help people who need it. They would return this country to the days of a Medieval darkness when African Americans paid a poll tax, the disabled died in poverty, seniors died before their time, women with no available contraception were forced to bear children they could not afford AND worse where women were relegated to unprofessional and unclean back alley abortionists who ripped apart their bodies, often relegating them to infection through unsterile techniques where death or sterilization was not the exception but too often the rule.

In essence the Republican Party through its puppet Romney would return this country to a Republican new real deal and a Dickensian madness where government offers no help to the poor (which could be you,) where government offers no help to the unemployed (which could be you,) and where many with no job could not afford health care (which could be you.) The Republican Party, in short is NOT the party of life. It is the party of death and you vote for Romney at your own peril!

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