Wednesday, June 06, 2012

An Existential Perp Walk

I keep reviewing the Walker/Barrett fiasco of last evening's Wisconsin recall and Barrett loss. What went wrong? I keep telling myself not to worry as ultimately the country will see that Republican politics is not about most of them and almost always means things like Great Recession economic downturns. I keep saying to myself the status Republican quo will not stand and like 2008, the majority of the country feeling the sting of Republican politics and its attendant side cars of lies and fraud will put the Republican Party in electoral bankruptcy where it truly belongs. When Republicans rule they miserably fail because their philosophic base thinking Republicans are for them find out they surely are not and drown in Republican decision-making which puts billions in the hands of the very few but which cares nothing for most of the others who put them in office. Often, it takes Democrats to rescue the nation.

I begin to feel positive again until I remember the gargantuan money machine that the Republican Supreme Court majority put into play. Could one obscure decision, Citizen's United, have had such deleterious affects? The answer is a resounding yes. It is that coupled with an electorate which, in many cases does not understand things political, does not know the difference between the political left and the political right, forgets history longer than one week and will succumb to the Republican Party's paid-for-in-cash immoral propaganda which makes a few very very rich but certainly does nothing for the rest of the country which is not. Quoting another blogger who says:

Obviously, the politics of this country is moving towards the extremist ideology where some people would rather continue to defund social rights programs that it took years to create and establish while allowing the rich to not do their part. Politics is one thing, but where this country is headed seems clearly in the hands of misguided voters who believe in 30 second political sound bites that ultimately, don't have their best interests at heart. The voters in Wisconsin will reap what they sowed and so will this country if its voters continue this walk down into madness thinking it [Republican politics] will fix our ills. This event helps to validate my view that when I retire, this is not the place to be as people here have become more divided, selfish, corrupt, and greed stricken while we still debate the merits of viable health care and give tax breaks to the rich and corporate welfare to the war machine and certain big businesses. Although born and raised here, I love this country but not what it has become, especially the priorities of its people and definitely not exactly my ideal place to consider retirement.

Whenever I contemplate remedial policy for Republican toxicity I am stopped by a synapse that echoes Citizen United. Unless or until that rancid and destructive decision is either overturned OR, in the interim, the Democratic Party finds a way to compete with gargantuan big corporate oligarchic money running through the life blood of this nation and ultimately costing lives from its disease then truly there is, existentially, no way out.

The investigation of Scott Walker and that of his cronies’ nefarious possibly criminal activity should continue. In the interim the Democratic Party MUST find a way to compete with the opposition's money-smothering bought elections so that the existential perp walk path this country is on can be transferred to the very selfish, mean, Republican conservative base where it belongs.

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