Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Republican Evil and Nefarious Tactics

This is what these Republican swine will do (scroll below)  They will stop at nothing.  I know many of you are probably getting inundated with requests.  This Walker election is number 2 in importance to show that  Republican quicksand of money does NOT always get results.  They think it will so the Koch Brothers and their Rove consorts are stealing or at least trying to steal elections and are using many tactics of voter suppression as well. 

George Carlin said you do not matter, you do NOT count and they the 1% WILL take it all.  But you must allow it for their twisted democracy ridding schemes to work.  If you do NOT support this poisonous toxic malevolence in our politics they will not gain power.  So the famous quote is again correct.  The only way tyranny succeeds is for good men to do nothing.

Think about contributing to this important election and getting involved in Democratic politics so that racism and money do NOT rule the day.

Sent: Wed, May 30, 2012 11:44 am
Subject: phones crashing

BREAKING: A conservative group supporting Scott Walker has shut down Democratic candidate Tom Barrett’s phone system.
They’re using a phone number connected to Tom Barrett’s campaign headquarters in their latest attack. The calls flooded the campaign, crashing their phone system.
It’s a new low, with under a week until the election. I can’t believe they’ve stooped to this.
After all his attacks on workers and women, now his campaign is shutting down his challenger’s phones? This is what Walker's supporters will do to win. Anything. It’s wrong. Wisconsin deserves better.
We need your contribution immediately to fight back against these disgusting tactics. We’re helping the on-the-ground effort to get out the vote next Tuesday -- and to make sure everyone knows we won’t stand by while Walker tries to steal the election. But we need your support now to win.
Backed by the Koch Brothers’ billions, there are no lies Walker won’t tell. Nothing he won’t try. No one he won’t attack.
Let’s not miss a chance to send him packing and protect our Democratic values.
Mark Giangreco
Deputy Communications Director
Democratic Governors Association

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