Saturday, May 19, 2012

Justice is NOT Blind -- Seeing the Light

According to McClatchy News “Blind Chinese legal activist Chen Guangcheng, whose daring escape to the American embassy in Beijing last month sparked a diplomatic crisis, left China for the for the United States Saturday afternoon.”  It appears his family was taken to Bejing Airport and will HOPEFULLY join him.

This is a big diplomatic success for the Obama administration IF Chen and his family arrive safely. It is proof of how capable our president, his team including and most especially Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are on the complexities of diplomatic negotiation. They are BRILLIANT! I am happy for Chen and hope his family reunites with him unharmed. 
Kudos to Chen for his incredibly bravery and improbable escape, the story of which is here and linked below. Big kudos go to the administration as well.  Many have forgotten the two women the Obama diplomatic team extricated safely from N. Korea with Pres. Clinton and VP Gore's irreplaceable help.  These are GREAT feats of diplomacy requiring the greatest skill and expertise.  Clearly, the administration knows what it is doing and how to get things done. 
On the domestic economic front as well it knows what it needs to do if the disloyal Republican opposition would STEP OUT OF THE WAY.  They, of course, will not step out of the way until they bring the country to its knees and rid themselves of this president even if it means dismembering the nation.

He is our first black American president in our nation's history but, sadly, that history has been steeped in the politics of interposition, nullification and Civil War.  It is a history where some cannot and WILL NOT, even today, remove the albatross of hatred from around our collective necks.  They are blind to the prison they have constructed for the incarcerated whole.  Let this administration do what it needs to recover from the Greatest Recession since the Great Depression so that it can heel its wounds as it has historically has done.  The American electorate needs to turn the House blue again so the president and the Congress can effectively govern.

Big congratulations are in order to Chen Guangcheng, to our diplomatic team and, oh yes, to
China for doing a difficult and just thing. Hopefully, Chen Guangchen's family will join him as well.  Justice, at least in part, it seems has seen the light of day one more time!


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