Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!

The editorial by Jeff Jacoby in the Sunday April 22, 2012 Boston Sunday Globe entitled “Obama a unifying force? Hardly” raised my ire.  I wrote a response to it.  “Conservative” that Jeff Jacoby allegedly is indicting the president for being the reason for the nation’s division and that he unlike his charismatic speeches in Grant Park or during the 2004 Democratic convention proved him to be the opposite –  a divider of the nation he promised to unite.  He even compared him to Richard Nixon who vowed he would "bring us together" and did anything but.  You may see why I saw three shades of deep red!  I stated the following to him.  His article that demanded a response is here if you care and can stand to read it and linked below as well.

You know, Jeff, I haven't read your editorials in quite some time because frankly I thought you were not worth enough to raise my blood pressure to Plutonian heights.  So why did I read your utterly heart attack inducing article, "Obama a unifying force? Hardly"?  I have no idea.  I know I came to the end wanting to scream YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!   

What planet to you live on, Jeff?   You are proclaiming to your readers it's Obama fault for not uniting us?  After ALL the compromising that man has tried to do you have the unmitigated gall to say that?  After the pretzel the president has turned himself into to TRY to negotiate with and placate Republicans who ultimately would give him NOTHING you can utter such a lie?  After Republicans insulted him on numerous occasions and even courted world economic collapse rather than raise a debt ceiling something universally done by all former presidents you can say such things?

The president WANTED to live out what he said in his Grant Park Speech and the myriad of speeches he has given advocating unification of the body politic but sickening Republican Tea Bag politics racist, uncompromising and extreme would not give this black man an inch.  God forbid what he wanted to do would work and show them up for the charlatans most in the Republican Party are.

This well meaning man will reign supreme over the race baiters, the Wall Street banksters and those who would not give him credit for even killing bin Laden.  You say things are that are not, you say things are black when they are white, you dismember history’s truth, and have no memory of what actually in reality occurred.

The fault for the irretrievably divided broken down Washington politics dear Brutus is NOT in the president but in the Republican Party for which you seem to advocate.  McConnell admitted the Republican Party's ONLY goal was to tear Obama down.  The president could ask for the cherry blossoms to bloom longer and your Republican Party would say some non sequitur like see I told you he was a Muslim, see I told you he was not born here, see I told you he is a socialist, a Nazi, a Communist. The political spectrum ignorance of people in the Republican Party is astounding.

The president can merely say he could have a son who looked like Trayvon and oh my god how racist that is they proclaim. Or gee maybe the Cambridge police reacted too hastily when they handcuffed Professor Gates at his own home.  Guess what?  THEY DID act too hastily but President Obama being the conciliator he is scheduled a beer summit to reach out to both sides for which he was naturally criticized for that as well.  The man cannot even cross a street without receiving criticism from the racist right who cannot STAND a black man and his black family inhabiting the heretofore oh so historically consistent very White House.

The reason Richard Nixon could not bring us together was he was corrupt, did NOT bring Vietnam to an end but rather invaded Cambodia AND he WAS a CROOK.   You and your party are excrementally putrefied because of the cockeyed way you view your country, utterly distort history, lie, and, in fact, most especially because of Republican’s racist core.

It is people like you who will be held accountable if the life of this president is threatened. He has received more threats than any president in US history and it’s NOT from Democrats.  Imagine if Rev. Wright said the same things as the sick malcontent Ted Nugent the hard rock know nothing Romney supporter.  It is he and so called “conservatives” like you who are the DESPICABLE dividers.  It is most certainly NOT the president.  Hopefully, in November we will see that you have reaped the discord and division you and your fellow Republicans have sown.  The defeat of your lies and your historical inaccuracies cannot come quickly enough for me.

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