Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Frontline "Money, Power and Wall Street (Part One)."

If you have not seen it I enclose here the link to the PBS Frontline program aired yesterday, April 25, 2012 entitled "Money, Power and Wall Street (Part One)."  It is wonderful.  In case our economic near collapse in 2007 is not inscribed permanently in your synaptic cerebral connections and you have forgotten many of the reasons for it, or if the subject is downright mind numbing, shattering, and boring I link the segment to it below as well.   Frontline reduces the explanation of highly complex economic realities to a very understandable narrative.  It is, as usual, entertaining as well.

If you have time to view it I highly suggest you do lest we all forget why our country is so far into the economic hole that we are and who the real sowers of this utter catastrophe and near world economic collapse were.  The fault lay NOT with President Obama but those who obstruct policies he would enact which offer the faster cure for this lethal malady.  You will be able to see how far he has had to crawl into the mostly Republican (but not all) sewer to rescue and resuscitate this nation and how difficult a process it is. 

Put the blame where it should be NOT on the 99% but on the 1% wealthiest of this nation.  Do NOT elect Willard Mitt Romney yet another member in good standing of the 1% who did not give a damn about you, about me, and about the nation they claim to love so much!

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