Monday, March 05, 2012

Rush Away from Rush: Here are companies with a conscience. They have suspended their advertising with Clear Channel's Rush Limbaugh. They are:

Quicken Loans, Pro Flowers, Carbonite, Citrix, Go To Meeting, Legal Zoom, Sleep Number and Sleep Train.

If you need anything that these companies have to offer DO buy from them. There may be others which boycott the gas bag and if so add them to this list. To the contrary, companies which do not care and decide to stick with this immoral piece of trash then pull your patronage from them.

We hit where it hurts. MONEY is Limbaugh's Kryptonite. Hit him and hit him hard. Show no mercy as he would show none to you. It is a miracle he even made his limp apology to Ms. Fluke. To quote a Yiddish word: Ms. Fluke is a MENCH i.e. a good person; Limbaugh is NOT!

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