Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Robotic Romney -- Liar-In-Chief: Well I predicted a slight error. I thought Santorum at the end would squeak out an Ohio win BUT I was not wrong by much. Santorum may as well have won as Romney wins Ohio by 1% point. This was a state he was predicted to take significantly. He has HUGE problems now that it was a squeaker win for him. Okay, good let's see him work for it.

My God, America, what Obama has in his small pinkie finger the robo candidate Romney does not have in his entire body. He is a DISGUSTING candidate, -- utterly AWFUL, robotic and the worst of the liars on the Republican slate bar none and THAT is going some. He lies despite having TAPE -- TAPE I say -- showing otherwise for the health care mandate, he was ALL for it and for it federally as well. The tapes are there, the evidence is there. He would be a candidate for LIAR-IN-CHIEF! UGH. A worse Republican field I have never in my decades of life seen. Simply horrible! It COULD -- I say could -- be a brokered convention. I don't think so but it's possible.

As Obama/Biden email sent to me (and probably to you too but it's worth repeating:

We now know for certain that, no matter who the Republican nominee is, we're not only up against the same economic policies that helped create the worst economic crisis in our lifetime.

We're also up against a set of rigid social policies that would take us back almost a century.

What we've seen over the past few days is nothing short of terrifying. We're facing an all-out-attack on women's health care, and now is the time to pitch in and fight it!

The leading Republican candidates for president embraced a bill that would allow any employer to deny any employee coverage for contraception -- or any other medical service they personally object to.

And when one young woman spoke up about that bill's very real health risks, she was crudely and viciously attacked by their allies. Not a single one of the leading Republican candidates stood up for her.

There are 450 other state bills where this one came from.

This issue isn't going anywhere.

So if you want to make sure our next president isn't someone who wants to take us back to the Dark Ages and actually thinks a woman's access to health care is debatable, then it's time to take action and help build the campaign that's fighting back.

Obama 2012, Democratic House, and Democratic hold the Senate!

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