Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rejoice: The death of evil and the killing of the Anti-Semite murderer of Jews in France: Who takes pleasure in a death? When it is the killer of two Jewish children and their rabbi father in France I DO! The headline, although I have not read the entire story yet, made me cheer and I am NOT ashamed to say it. I have always said I am left of center in my political views BUT my eyes see what they see and it is because of what my eyes see I am a supporter of the Jewish people, in general the State of Israel and the west. I have to be. I see free states as opposed to religious fanatical tyrannies. Yes, there are fanatics everywhere BUT USUALLY orthodox and other religious Jews keep to themselves and do not export religion. Children, any children, everywhere hurt NO ONE.

I did wonder why it took so long for the French government to perfect the killing but I do not care because we do not know how difficult this was to do and how hard it must have been to make the innocent secure as they secure members of their own French force. The murderer was a mind saturated with violence and well armed to take down any Jew or any French authority walking.

I say KUDOS to the French government. There is one more dead anti-Semite. That is a good thing. In the Vichy years of the Nazi period they NEVER would have investigated the death of Jews but rather, France, replete with anti-Semitism, contributed to it. THINGS change. They better well have changed. NO ONE anymore can wage war on Jews and think Jews will not fight back. If the French did not get him the Israelis probably would have.

The Holocaust has taught Jews everywhere we need to know about who cares about Jews. Jews do and some righteous others who see the longest hatred for what it is. The anti-Semitism that was centuries old in Europe can be seen now as its baton has been passed all over the Middle East.

The Jewish people LIVE and will NEVER submit EVER again to the disgusting anti-Semitism that was rife in France and ALL of Europe for centuries. The death of the murderous anti-Semite does not bring back the dead children and their father BUT they killed evil today in France and I am rejoicing!

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