Saturday, March 24, 2012

Of Supreme Importance: I happened to catch the news tonight. The Supreme Court is on the verge of a major decision on the president's Affordable Health Care Act. It looks like our obstructionist opposition is getting out to protest as they insultingly call it "Obamacare." They SHOULD have some company. There should be MANY Democrats and like minded people who realize the importance of the president's health care act. There SHOULD be MORE in number show up of those who SUPPORT the president as those who obstruct our president.

This bill WILL provide needed changes, bring down health care costs as stated by the CBO and ensure EVERYONE access to health care. Most especially it will mean that NO ONE, NO ONE be without health care again or kicked out because of preexisting conditions as minor as allergies. It WILL save lives.

We know the mean-spirited rancid nature of our opposition. We must NEVER let the forces of regression, racism and obstructionist interposition prevail nullifying that which we as a people so desperately need.

PLEASE tell those whom you may know to organize especially in Washington in front of the Supreme Court, to uphold our president's Affordable Health Care Act, hammered out tooth and nail over years. Pull people from ALL those who support the president's cause to STAND UP against these forces of Medieval torture. FIGHT BACK and show them there are MORE of us then there are of them!

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