Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Least of These: The questions of the Court regarding the Affordable Health Care Act appear ominous from the four died-in-the-wool right wingers and the one right of center moderate Anthony Kennedy as I originally thought. It is exactly why I am so nervous about this. Why are we being dangled on a string when this life or death decision is, it seems, already decided if one can count to five? It is so hugely sad.

Last night Keith Olbermann demanded Jonathan Turley, a constitutional law scholar and expert on various progressive and libertarian legal issues, "cut to the chase." I thought that a bit rude to demand of such a distinguished man like Jonathan Turley. Now I rather know what Olbermann meant. I personally think the conclusion of the Supreme Court has already been made. None of the so called conservative justices would dare offend their compatriots by siding with an administration that passes Democratic legislation to actually lend a helping hand to people in desperate need and in health crises across this country.

So I ask now, Justices, respectfully, do not make me wait until June to see you bit by bit take an administration down to further your own alliance with HUGE corporate power as you did in Citizen United. Yes, please cut to the chase and do what as Macbeth said when contemplating the killing of King Duncan:

"If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well It were done quickly" because by your decision, Justices, on this issue you are committing as Christ is alleged to have talked about "the least of these" your brethren to an early grave.

This cannot and MUST not be allowed to derail the Obama presidency. The destruction an extremist right wing presidency could bring is inexplicable. We will be a doomed nation for decades if this is allowed to happen and for the least of these our brethren we should NEVER let it.

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