Saturday, March 03, 2012

Impeach Chief Federal Judge Richard Cebull: Richard Cebull is Chief Justice of the United States District Court for the 9th District of Montana. Last week he sent an email to several of his friends that was so racially disgusting and so inappropriately injudicious for a sitting Chief Justice to even think of sending it boggles the mind. It went viral on the Internet as one might expect. I refuse to print the contents of the email in my opinion piece because it is so offensive to me. If one wants to see what he said simply search for his name and the racially disparaging email he sent to his buddies about our president and the president’s mother. You will, of course, easily find it.

I first heard it on the constant stream of news I have on during the day. I was so infuriated that I called the Montana 9th District Court where he sits. I was unable to get through as I am sure others felt as passionate as I. However, I got through to another justice and left my opinion with his secretary to convey to Chief Justice Cebull.

The email Justice Cebull sent was so loathsome it calls into question his ability to serve on the court with temperate equanimity and fairness. He has written an apology to the president but, in my opinion, his apology is not enough. It rings hollow. Chief Justice Cebull of the United States District Court of the 9th District of Montana should resign or face impeachment, conviction and removal from this federal court. What he did was unbecoming of a Chief Justice of the US Federal District Court, unforgivable and worse dangerous because it feeds into the racist disgusting politics of the Republican Party and its Tea Party appendage. Our president must be saddened to hear the vitriol and racist comments, as he yet again receives another. He has received more racially tinged caustic and threatening remarks than any other sitting president in the nation's history.

This judge contributed to this verbal violence against our president as if he committed an act of violence against the president himself. No forgiveness is possible and no apology is sufficient. The Chief Justice should be impeached and made an example of what will happen IF you do not watch what threatening racist comments you say to a sitting president especially if you hold high office. Attack the president politically fine, for policy issues sure, BUT NOT because of his race. It is dangerous , demeaning, insulting and unconscionable. I hold these Republican men of power accountable for the compromise their words pose to national security. The words are an act of terrorism, unforgivable, and unbecoming a United States District Court chief justice or any justice. Chief Justice Cebull should be punished by the loss of his prestigious position because of them!

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