Thursday, March 01, 2012

Dialing for Dollars: A phone scam perpetrated on our troops by BBG Communications is SICKENING. BOYCOTT BBG Communications. DO NOT USE THEM. Use anything but them. They tell NBC Today show that they are not responsible for the humongous fees for 2 minutes of calling time they charge our troops to call home and tell them that a German company is responsible. Another corrupt corporation passing the buck yet again. Just what we who think corporations are often SICKENING making big bucks off war. This is yet another example. Maybe they will think twice about their unconscionable practices when we ALL boycott them. USE anything else but BBG Communications.

These companies are IMMORAL UNETHICAL snakes who would steal their mother's eyeballs for a buck. BE VIGILANT. Do NOT let them do this to our troops and hit them where they feel it the most in their bank accounts!

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