Thursday, September 08, 2011

Perry Como: Ah for the days of Perry Como's 1950's yesteryear when blacks were relegated to separate bathrooms and really separate everything; for a time when women were relegated to cleaning dishes and going to a barbecue like June Cleaver, of Leave it to Beaver fame, with white gloves on while her husband dressed in casual attire.

Oh for those great days when homosexuals too often committed suicide or were faced with the humiliation and physical assault of never-ending bullying. This is the America in which Rick Perry would feel oh so comfortable. Rick Perry is a science denying idiot but this idiot has the horrifying chance of walking with cowboy boots and spurs into the oval office. He makes George Bush look liberal! He makes me want to throw up.

In my opinion Perry (HOPEFULLY) is unelectable in the general. He lied on numerous occasions last evening most especially about his delusion of what a Ponzi scheme truly is. Someone needs to coach him. The ONLY candidates who looked semi presidential were Romney and Huntsman although I believe any Republican would be a disaster. It is too bad Huntsman has no chance unless as a running mate with Romney. In the extremist Republican radical Party that may not fly. I could see a Romney/Huntsman ticket. Being a Democrat, of course, I would love to see a Perry/Bachmann ticket but in reality a Romney/Huntsman ticket would give the president a run for his money.

A word to the wise: Mr. President, I would QUICKLY return to your base and make us happy -- pronto, now, post haste, immediately and with all deliberate speed! Give your base something about which to cheer. I, a Democrat's Democrat, surely am hoping in their infinite wisdom (do they have any?) the Republican base chooses Perry but a Romney/Huntsman ticket would give our Democratic Party a case of agida.

The president has been for many in his base an ineffective, tepid, compromising with those-who-hate-him president. It was foolhardy at best. While he had the chance holding both the House and the Senate he did NOT focus on jobs and know how to lead. His most egregious mistake was not appealing vociferously to the Democratic base as Republicans do to theirs. Is there time to rectify this most appalling error? Perhaps, but now is not soon enough!

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