Wednesday, September 07, 2011

IOU NOTHING--A hot headed response to Jeff Jacoby: Yes, hell hath no fury than a woman who knows the truth. I was admittedly brutal to the "conservative" often know nothing but articulate Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe columnist. I stated in virulent form a response to his opinion today about his so called scheme of Social Security. (link below.)

Jeff, I MUST respond to your LOATHSOME -- dare I in nonkosher style say -- tripe article today, September 7, 2011 "IOU'S can't save Social Security" op ed opinion. As usual you do NOT tell the entire truth. In Gorian phraseology money previous generations paid into Social Security SHOULD have been in a LOCKED BOX!! Democrat Clinton not only balanced the budget in his tenure but ensured that our national debt in ten years could be eradicated. Then the holocaust of George W. Rancid Bush saw to it that NOT ONLY would he give his top 2% uber rich sloths a tax cut probably now forever but also saw fit to conduct TWO unpaid wars (one waged by treasonous lies) and embarked on a national security state heretofore unknown in this nation. Beyond that he gave his big pharma cronies a gift of Medicare Part D and beyond that his other cronies reaped the big contracts of eternal war.

ALL of these things cost humongous BUCKS. So he borrowed or should I say STOLE it from Social Security and replaced it with worthless IOU's which would never be paid back and also borrowed big time from China.

This EGREGIOUS situation for those of my generation who not only suffer what your disgusting Wall Street illegal bankster THIEVES did to our middle class 401K savings and working class ruined pension funds but also raided the one thing that older middle class and working class people could count on to get by and that is Social Security.

It does NOT matter how Social Security was designed but what DOES matter is how the rich thieves and your pathetic Republican despots raided what was and could continue to be a program that saves lives. I don't blame your grandmother for loving FDR. I do too because he began the program that helped your grandmother and me, a disabled person, instead of being on the street, have Social Security to at least save us from an early grave.

I realize with what YOUR party and its putrid uber UNCARING rich have done is make ready my grave. Without Social Security my final resting place at Sharon Memorial Park with open arms will await sooner than I thought.

YOU ARE DESPICABLE, as you often are, for not telling the WHOLE truth. Social Security has been a lifesaving social safety net without which millions would
have had to rely on the real schemers. Given the economy today who of us would just love to entrust all we worked so diligently and hard
for to the banksters of Wall Street? My guess is few if any except of course those who inhabit the wealthy top 2%!

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