Thursday, August 04, 2011

Stocks Down 4% in Global Sell Off--Shakespeare said it best: In my humble opinion Americans have one place to put the blame: on themselves. This is what happens when you put into office divided government.With all due respect to the president divided government IS dysfunctional government.

Economic experts like Paul Krugman and others have been saying from day one of the Great Recession that the only way out is stimulus and BIG stimulus at that. When the president had the majorities in both houses his stimulus bill while good was NOT enough. His health care bill fell short of a strong public option both of which facts kept us in this mess that Republicans mostly created with their mantra of laissez faire.

A solid stimulus would have worked then jobs would be created, people pay taxes and deficit reduction ensues. Republicans pure and simply are WRONG! One needs spending not cuts to treat recession.

But no. Krugman was NOT a part of Barack Obama's administration but Goldman Sachs surely was. The very ones that killed us murdered us were put in charge.Through ALL the horrific unethical most probable illegalities NO ONE but NO ONE takes a seat next to Madoff in jail where they belong.

Having said that Wall Street sits on BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of bucks maybe 2 TRILLION while Main Street dies. Worse what happens the American public in their infinite wisdom see fit to form a Tea Party so Republicans can play them like the seemingly populist puppets they are EXCEPT that Republicans are using them to stuff the insatiable pockets of Wall Street greed.Joe the Plumber THINKS the Tea Party/Republicans are about him. They are NOT.It's about the Republican party USING them for all that they are worth to unseat Obama.

So this is who Obama must compromise with - the uncompromising at all costs and by any means necessary to unseat our first black president. What a coup. Congrats, America. You just bought yourself double dip recession as Paul Krugman said if not Depression along with a side dish of job loss and misery! Shakespeare said it best Julius Caesar (I, ii, 140-141) "The fault dear Brutus is not in the stars it is in ourselves."

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