Thursday, August 04, 2011

A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mr. President. My wish and gift for you would be, of course, your re-election.

In addition, my heart breaks when you receive such cruel and insensitive nasty comments of those who oppose your policy. My biggest most heart-felt wish is that even if some do not agree with you they respect you and the office of presidency.

I am hoping and, yes, sometimes praying, that you have an easy-as-possible campaign. I know that is a futile prayer because the campaign itself even in relatively good times requires great stamina and fortitude against all the slings and arrows sent your way. At least I can hope.

Beyond that I hope that the hard work I know you do bears fruit. It is not easy dealing with human beings who often do not have a SHRED of empathy or an element of compassion. How can one possess those qualities when one's policy is directed ONLY to the rich getting richer, the poor poorer and dedicated by any means necessary to defeating you? Take solace in the fact that most of your base I think will remain loyal. I know I surely will.

I think too your opposition has been more hateful, even more oppositionally entrenched than even that which FDR experienced. It reminds me more of the discord during the Lincoln presidency the damaging Civil War so bitterly ensured. Its outcome, of course, was not assured but President Lincoln persevered through the most grueling and hateful opposition.

A note of caution which I am sure you know. FDR was taking the nation OUT of the Great Depression through government programs like the WPA. Statistics and history show things improved until he reversed course in 1937 and began to try to reduce the deficit by cutting spending. It did not work as the country slid sadly back into recession until WWII and the government spending required for it extricated the nation from the Great Depression’s strangulating grip. I would surely rather it not require more war to get us out of the mire of the Great Recession. I ask you reiterate the point OFTEN that in a recession reducing spending and NOT cutting it is the most effective way of creating the jobs so many in such difficult times need. Statistics, which do not lie, prove it.

The main purpose of my email this time, though, is not to give political opinion but to which you the HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS AND THAT YOUR BIRTHDAY WISHES COME TRUE. I have read one already has and that it was the successful raise of the debt ceiling. If all of your wishes come true I have no doubt will be good for not only you but the country as well.

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