Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ON WISCONSIN!! _ BIG Democratic wins in the Iowa recall. Koch Brother money meant nothing. Thank you, thank you, thank you and ON WISCONSIN. While you are at it recall Walker too. Dems win big plus two Republicans who lean their way on collective bargaining in Wisconsin making Walker's job eradicating program exist on very shaky ground. This shows Republicans that they CANNOT and WILL not prevail. Their policies are BANKRUPT, they are reactionary and regressive. They want to take America back to the 19th century and WE as DEMS WILL NOT let them do this -- not in Wisconsin and NOT anywhere.

I think the president too is getting his mojo back! Republicans are OBSTRUCTIONIST, often racist and regressive. What happened in Wisconsin means something for that state and for our nation.

Work to keep our president in office, change the House from red to blue and keep the Senate. It is only then that this nation will climb out of its economic quicksand. The policies of Herbert Hoover FAILED. We cannot and should not reject the FDR legacy. If you think that might be a good idea to reject FDR THINK about how you would do IF you did not have Social Security and Medicare. These are vital policies necessary for the protection of life. They are the military of our nation's health and well being. Keep it that way. Re-elect Barack Obama and give him a Congress that will not obstruct everything. If he gets that then I think you will see a nation roar back with opportunity and not sink into stagnation.

Thanks Wisconsin, now let's take back America and make it Democratic blue across the board!

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