Friday, July 22, 2011

Pray away the gay -- NOT: Please think about signing the petition below. Bachmann and her husband are ruinous of lives, they are hateful, hurtful and UTTERLY unprofessional most especially their views and her husband's "treatment" of homosexuals through his "clinic."

Her husband is dealing with people's psyches some of whom are fragile. To THINK much less convey a treatment as moronic as that which says praying away the gay works is insanity in and of itself. The word expert is not in the Tea Baggie repertoire as intellectuality and rationalism are shunned. Praying away the gay is no more efficacious than is creation non-science or the denial of evolution which is scientific FACT or that climate change is a hoax. These people will be responsible for the destruction not only of individuals and our country but of the planet as well.

Her husband should have his license taken away and be investigated for FRAUD. He is accepting, of all things to Tea Baggies, Medicaid funds-- i.e. government payments for services that are junk to say the least. Your tax dollar at work -- NOT!

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