Friday, July 15, 2011

"Contagion": A Communicable Disease for Everyone: Matt Damon's new film "Contagion" coming in September (by the name you can imagine what this film is about) is one I will see and you MAY want to see as well. I attach a link to the trailer below.

I wrote the following comment of the trailer on Facebook:

OH MY GOODNESS. There is no question (if I am alive) I will see this film. It appears on first glance to be one of Damon's great films and with Steven Soderbergh directing I am not surprised. It is a perfect film for our times. The one worry I have: with all the fear directed at humanity day after day after day by the media and the events it covers do I really want to see a fictionalized film of that which hits the reptilian fear synapse of our brain in triplicate?

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