Sunday, July 17, 2011

Big and Small -- More Murdoch Empire Falling: The Murdoch News of the World, Wall Street Journal et al media times 1000 has to be the most unbelievable scandal eclipsing Watergate by MILES and MILES and MILES. In both cases, though, even though I bath in the joy of seeing right wingnuts brought down, it is still in a human fashion sad. These people like Rebeckah Books the editor of News of the World at 46 years old -- 46 years old -- at the TOP of her professional career being arrested and ruining the life of a probably bright person is astounding and yes unlike she I can evoke a certain appreciation for the sadness of tragedy.

What was/were she/they thinking? The first second -- no millisecond -- she became aware of people in Murdoch's empire HACKING .. HACKING into private phone conversions of the mighty and the small what would ANY moral person do? They would say FORGETABOUTIT I'm outta here. Who could EVER on God's earth think they could get away with this MASSIVE scale of actually STEALING -- stealing lives from people, stealing their personal phone conversations and private lives. It is at the very least SICKENING. Do I see an empire falling? It surely seems that way as it is stretching endlessly from scandal sheets like News of the World, to Parliament, to Scotland Yard, to Hugh Grant to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's newborn son's cystic fibrosis diagnosis and it is crossing the pond to US newspapers like the (formerly respected) Wall Street Journal. Its editor Les Hinton resigned his post. Perhaps it will even stretch to Fox News. I would not be surprised.

From under what rock did these so called "conservative" hacking Neanderthals and their financiers crawl? Maybe Murdoch, Murdoch's son, people like Rebeckah Brooks and Les Hinton will understand what it feels like to be unemployed and the prospect of getting another job after overseeing criminal behavior does not bode well. Watch as the rats desert a sinking ship. I cannot say that I am not glad because I am. I hope the charges stick. Then again the rich get off and maybe they will hack into yet more conversations to make sure they don't end up in jail. How many judges' phones can they hack, find something personal and then blackmail or buy them off?

Keep a close watch on your phone everyone. In an anything goes culture everyone is at risk!

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