Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pakistan’s Perfidy: Did you catch the latest news flash? Pakistan arrested five Pakistanis who helped the CIA in the location, apprehension and killing of bin Laden, the civilized world’s most wanted religious fanatical murderer. So much for our "ally," Pakistan, in the fight against Al Qaeda! Think of the BILLIONS upon BILLIONS we have given Pakistan in this so called war on Al Qaeda that could have been better spent educating our poorly educated populous and repairing our dilapidated infrastructure. The TRILLIONS spent in never-ending, money sucking, embarrassing, life-ending wars could have been spent at home and kept us the envy of the world instead of the diplomatic and foreign policy joke so many think we are. Where would our deficit be if the US after WWII decided to weave prudent diplomatic and strategic power not with war but with words?

Our recent foreign policy escapades have been a colossal waste of blood and money filling the coffers of death attempting to build civilized democratic societies out of countries which do not want our brand of civilization; countries who thrive on unyielding, unbending and extreme religious fanaticism and want to remain in a medieval cesspool where a few have wealth and the masses barely have water; where one’s cow is treated better than one’s wife. Our misguided leaders thought we hubristically could change an entire region to fit our brand of life which, of course, we can measure by our unemployment figures, works so well. The Middle East is a DESTABILIZED MESS and we helped bring this dance card of death to them sharing in its fruits of destruction.

After 9/11 the ignorant Bush should have directed our FULL force to getting bin Laden, wiping out Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and ended it there. Our enemies would know if they strike us we WILL retaliate and NOT trump up phony wars that put BILLIONS into the pockets of the crony corporations of war which do war well but do nothing else. Innocent lives are at stake – both ours and theirs.

We have had sickening, ineffective, and bad -- VERY bad -- leadership who do not know their posterior from their elbow. World War II is OVER. It is a different world and we CANNOT save it. We can maybe ONLY save ourselves. Good luck even doing that. We, the middle class, are in financial HELL while our military dances around the earth spending TRILLIONS in taxpayer money trying to save everyone else. How about saving us for a change?

One wonders what our diplomatic geniuses will do to try to save these informants from Pakistani perdition. Why did we not protect those who delivered to us the Holy Grail? Is it any wonder that few trust this country not to abandon those who help us leaving them to twist in the breeze if they are caught, captured or worse?
An ultimatum needs to be given to our “friends” the Pakistanis. Either they release those who helped us kill a vicious murderer or NO MORE MONEY!! Let’s turn our attention to a better MUCH better friend, India. Pakistan plays both ends and in the middle. This is UNACCEPTABLE! We cannot put BILLIONS in the hands of countries who turn around and use those billions against us.

My mother used to say whichever way you make your bed that is how you will lie in it. Good advice. The Defense Department, State Department and the Commander-in-Chief should take it!

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