Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One for us -- the Return of Keith Olbermann: Keith cannot come back FAST enough for me. He has been absent at the time we need him the most. I HOPE Current TV will catch on and FAST. I know some who do not have the station. Thankfully, I do. Lives depended on progressives like he. I cannot think of a worse time for him to have left MSNBC but so be it. We must play the ball where it lies. Look at what the uber wealthy have done to this nation. We, the middle and the working class are in DEEP trouble as they take JUST AS GEORGE CARLIN SAID THEY WOULD, it all -- everything. They are in a club he said and we are not in it. He was prophetic. This country is failing, the pulse is slowing and death for those who are not rich is staring us in the face.

Where will the elderly, the sick, the disabled go who depend on humane programs like Medicaid and Medicare for their lives? Step up to the plate Keith, do not disappoint us and hit a home run NOT for the gipper but FOR us!

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