Friday, June 03, 2011

The Death of Jack Kavorkian: I agree with much of what Jack Kevorkian advocated. I do not know about every single assisted suicide over which he presided but I do know there is something askew in a culture that says euthanizing our beloved pets is a humane act to alleviate their suffering but allowing human beings to suffer interminable pain or if not pain than drugged out in a morphine haze when life is at its inevitable end.

I have always believed that this country's treatment of death is the same as always loving stories with happy endings. For Americans, I believe death is NOT an option and when it occurs, as it will for ALL of us, western religions concoct fantasies of an after life or being in a better place after the loved one has died. Well if it's so much better there I wondered why we do not all end our suffering and go right to it. Of course the rational moral of the story is life is here and now. It is what one makes of it. There is nothing else unless one chooses to live in Fantasyland.

I believe in the relieving of human suffering, I believe that the DNA of life has an end which the drug machine in this country has extended sometimes merely for profit. I believe we should emphasize life's finiteness when we choose policies that simply are inhumane to other powerless groups. There are NO do overs and in the final analysis I believe the true humanitarian was Dr. Jack Kavorkian. He saw unmentionable suffering and chose to end it.

Jack, you have changed the culture for the better even though you had to suffer the travesties of irrational belief systems of others while trying to doing it.

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