Friday, April 08, 2011

The Kennedys a Reelz Channel Docudrama Series--My Review: I was not going to watch this series as I heard the rumor that it was nothing but a conservative's way to speak ill of a family I love warts and all. I am a liberal's liberal a Democrat's Democrat. I always will be.

When I decided to watch I was prepared to excoriate it and write a very negative review. I thought it would be partisan, slanted and another attempt at Republican brain washing.

But my preconceptions were wrong. I love this series and I am hooked on it. It combines a small amount of history with a large amount of personal interactive moments between the characters. I have read much about the Kennedys of power and I have loved all of them. I did not care about their sexual appetites or personal flaws. I loved and still do their politics.

This series makes me love them even more. I believe it makes the stories between them, their supporters, their adversaries and the relationships between each other real. I do not know for sure because I was not among the Kennedy inner circle but this portrait makes me admire Jack more, see what he was up against and how he managed to work though the short tenure of his presidency despite great physical pain. I thought it portrayed him as a sensitive and ethical man, despite his marital infidelity, who was captured by a very domineering father which I knew Joe, Sr. to be. They are an American Shakespearean opus beset by great ethical Greek tragic dilemmas.

I thought the actors were simply wonderful -- all of them. They painted a multi-dimensional portrait of a family married in complexity. Watching the film made me develop even more empathy for JFK and RFK. Joe Sr. too showed a pained and angry man. No one in this life, no one I know of is either all good or all bad and the Kennedys were and are no exception.

What it truly did show me is how difficult it is to run the machinations of the executive branch and how strong one must be to even attempt the Herculean task. The president is dealing with a country which is split on a deep cultural divide. The earthquake of our Civil War perhaps is producing the constant tsunami even until this day. The president is dealing too with a world besieged with difficulty. He must weave into his own presidency ALL those policies of those who preceded him and develop his own and keep the country safe. It it is hard very hard to govern.

I cannot wait for each episode. I think this was one of the BEST in docudrama programming. I do not think conservatives will be so happy because it does more, as I see it, to make the Kennedys human like the rest of us. They suffered through great triumphs as well as great tragedy which could fell the strongest of us. I say good job to the writers and the actors. They have not changed my mind one bit. I still love the Kennedys. I believe, they will go down in history as being on the correct side of it. My problem with them is that they leave us much too soon and can only sigh at how much better this country would be now had JFK, RFK and even JFK, Jr. lived out their years!

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