Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Banality of an Evil Budget: This excuse for a budget laden with heavy cuts of programs to help the middle class and poor passed in showmanship style nearly at the midnight hour so no congressmen would turn into a pumpkin. My relative blogger says: "War spending rages out of control, Obama's latest foray exacerbating it. The nation is being ripped apart internally and there is no respite in sight. No one understands that things cannot go on this way. Austerity is going to be thrust upon us and there is going to be economic chaos because military spending and corporate handouts are prioritized over public need. The tea baggies and their Republican allies refuse to realize that REVENUE and not simply spending is part of a budget. GE and many corporations like it instead of paying ZERO taxes should pay plenty!

We KNOW this is just the beginning. Watch when the tea baggies and the Republican partners in crime in the banality of evil come to put their hands on your Medicare and Social Security. They are going to take ALL you have because the markets are just such a secure place. In the style of Ayn Rand it will be sink or swim on your own. You can only die once and they will be glad when you do as it will be one less poor mouth yapping for benefits.

The banality of this true evil exists and as proof the Congress with their tea baggie jailers held hostage and imprisoned little predominantly African American DC, which has NO representation in Congress but is controlled through its mandate, so that poor women there could not avail themselves of women's health services which include abortion. They just may make the wrong medical decision by tea baggie standards of choosing a LEGAL abortion of a problematic pregnancy. Isn't it wonderful that we have tea baggies to tell us where our moral compass should be? They have a LOT to say about continuing the life of a deformed fetus even if conceived through incestuous rape don't they but not much to say about sending full term people to their death in trumped up war.

Truly we live in the most toxic of times. Our president served up African American women of DC on a platter. I hope Michelle MADE him sleep on the couch!

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