Monday, March 07, 2011

Walker's Walk: Wisconsin and other states which for a brief moment in 2008 understood that the George Bush Republican era of horrid and corrupt politics had to end but in 2010 did the very same thing and overwhelmingly voted in Republicans all across the board. Wisconsin is prime example of what it REALLY means to vote against your economic interests.

Democrats continue to represent the interests of about 98% of the population but simply cannot and did not get their message across strongly and well. Our president, sadly, did not help the matter. Walker and so many others of his ilk from Bachmann to Boehner and beyond took advantage of the climate and through the Republican amazing ability to manipulate the media and the message got those who should not have voted Republican to vote the Walkers into office.

One can SEE clearly what happens when you take your vote for granted and do not show up. Walker happens and it is sad because the preponderance of the country does NOT believe as he does. 400 people, as Michael Moore said, control over 50% of the wealth and Walker and all those like him in TRUTH represent them. They did, however, in brilliant Republican style manage to steal the message anyway they could even if they had to lie to do it. Republicans are TERRIFIC at the game and best of all for them they got a Supreme Court to hand them the keys to the Emerald City of Citizens United.

If you do NOT want this to happen again, if you want the country to get out of our economic malaise, if you WANT the country to represent YOU do NOT, I repeat do NOT vote Republican.

Yes, I know Democrats aren't perfect but believe me IF they could gain a significant majority who will be as steadfast as their Republican adversaries, our country WILL thrive. I am SURE of it.

Krugmanesque and Elizabeth Warren polices should prevail and our president should get this message LOUD and clear. Second term: OUT with Geithner, OUT with Bernanke, OUT with the policies that allowed the banksters to get away with economic murder. We want Washington to regulate; we want Washington to PROSECUTE and we want the perpetrators of the biggest economic fraud in history not to have gotten away with a ten buck slap on the wrist. How many of you think that will suffice and that these bad boys will have learned their lesson? Oh none? You are right. So keep electing Republicans and Conservadems and you will continue to be pilloried by not understanding the politics of power. It's IMPERATIVE as fast as we voted these
know-nothings in we can vote them out JUST AS FAST. Make Walker and those like him walk the electoral plank and DO SO WITH ALL DELIBERATE SPEED!

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