Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Letter to the Supreme Court: Dear Justices: I turned on to my online news link and a story is posted whose title is "Judge throws out ban on online ammo sales." (Link below)

A CA judge gave thumbs up to online selling of ammo. The country is slowly going insane.

This is such a terrible decision in the wake of the Tucson shooting. We are an unhinged utterly divided nation, violently sickening and unrecognizable from anything I ever remember this country being (I am 62 years old.) This is a horrible utterly horrible decision. Felons can now buy ammunition online in California. It opens the door for any state to do the same thing as the NRA and gun organizations selectively choose where the suit is brought making sure it is before a George W. Bush or other radical justice pick.

Respectfully, the US Supreme Court has become a political arm which makes it as corrupt and unrecognizable as our entire country reflects. Judges speaking at political even extremist organizations and in secret I do not think would sit well with our Founders. Justice Thomas, Alito, Scalia, and Roberts most specifically, I believe, have lost their moral scruples and compasses. Justice Thomas, Scalia, and Justice Alito have, in my opinion, taken this court to a new low by cavorting with clearly political bodies, who may in fact have business before the court and one Justice most disrespectfully mouthed opposition to the president at last year's State of the Union speech. It simply contributes to the noxious milieu in which we live.

Justice Scalia brazenly socialized with Mr. Cheney a person who had SIGNIFICANT business before the court. These conflicts of interest including Justice Thomas's wife not reporting to the IRS the name of the political company for which she worked is scurrilous. If we cannot expect the highest officers of the law in the land to obey the law than who can we expect to do it? Being above the law should be abhorrent to those who are officers of the court.

This Court may give thumbs up to unfettered online purchase of guns, ammunition, assault rifles and who knows maybe soon rocket grenade launchers. This would be unconscionable.

Perhaps I am stretching the importance of this decision but the direction of this violent nation is clear. The carnage of the Congress on the Corner tragedy and the shameful murders of police officers all over the land who give up their life to defend us from psychopaths political and non-political alike, is right before our eyes constantly. Every day in this nation there is some horrific shooting attributable to gun violence somewhere. What has happened to this country? Is this what our Founders thought the Second Amendment was for? Could they ever have foreseen a nation of 310 million strong having the ability to act like it is the lawless Wild West?

I am not a conspiratorial doomsday subscriber but I can surely see why those people think the way they do. The signs are ominous indeed and we must pay attention. It is to our peril if we do not. I urge you on this specific issue to consider carefully your decisions. We are all at risk and we all -- at least those of us who consider ourselves sane -- want this nation to thrive. More and more guns in the possession of more and more people who should not have access to them and made simpler is a clear and present danger to the republic that should trump any interpretation or affinity one may have for the Second Amendment.

Your politics, too, should rise above fray and beyond the president who brought you to the dance. You should do what is necessary to maintain the safety and security of all of this endangered nation and you should most obviously refrain from secret, clandestine and obviously political meetings which reveal easily how you will decide. It is wrong, it is unethical and in some cases it is even illegal. That behavior surely would not be tolerated if a liberal justice were to do that. You should be held to the same standard as everyone else and recuse yourself from hearing pertinent decisions where you have had contact even political contact with parties to an action.

Think well upon what you decide and think how many people it will help or hurt when you render your important precedents.


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