Thursday, January 27, 2011

Abortion in the Extreme: I post below the link of Jeff Jacoby's latest Boston Globe op ed piece "Abortion's dangerous euphemisms" and sent him my objections to it.

Jeff, I loath yet another of your columns so much that even though I am tortured by a rhino virus, I cannot let this one go. Your Op Ed "Abortion's dangerous euphemisms" is yet an additional hypocrisy. The column is another attempt to deny the choice a woman should have when determining what she does with her own body and this choice should include whether she brings her own pregnancy to term. Your article does what so many right wing ANYTHING-BUT-HUMANE radical extremists do especially concerning the choice debate and that is use an utterly horrific atrocity allegedly committed by Dr. Kermit Gosnell to encompass the state of all planned parenting and abortion providers today.

Gosnell and his loathsome actions did a similar thing that a few climate scientists did when they lied about global warming data. They ruined it for the majority of scientists whose work is impeccable and prove global warming beyond a shadow of a doubt. These two perversions of science are morally reprehensible but that does not obviate the TRUTH of the science of global warming nor do the disgusting actions of Dr. Gosnell (if true) preclude that most, if not nearly all, abortion providers do so in a HUMANE, medically professional and pristine manner saving MILLIONS of women from the botched illegal abortions of yesteryear. Moreover, they risk their own lives to do it. You cannot, or rather should not, indict entire necessary-to-the-woman's-health procedures by the horrendous actions of one psychopathic alleged doctor.

War is the taking of FULL TERM human life but I do not see you writing columns about reducing the size and scope of our military which often is engaged in the killing and mutilating of the life of already born children and adults. No, your criticism is left for the termination of FETUSES by the women who bear them. Yes, they are FETUSES. They may be unborn but it is contestable even among some Jewish orthodoxy and others as to when life REALLY is endowed with a sense of person hood. Endowing a fetus with the same rights of a full term person, except by the uber hypocrites of the Catholic Church, fundamentalist Christianity and now most of the radical Republicans, is the ridiculous voice of American unreason in the extreme.

If you care, REALLY care about human life you would be for single payer health care, the immediate reversal of illegal and immoral war killing thousands of innocents and you would be for a paring back of a military industrial complex run amok. But you don't. You on the right wing radical extreme ONLY care about life when it is the life of a fetus and when you can control the sexual behavior of women but not when it is full term human life that is in the crosshairs.

I ask you how much to YOU remember in utero? I remember NOTHING at that time. As a matter of fact my first memory of self awareness is THREE years old. How many three year olds have been slaughtered and dismembered by this country's horrible, unnecessary, and government approved wars while we sip our Starbucks coffee and worry about who will win the next American Idol -- too many to count. You want to talk about life? Let's talk about life. The lives of infants to the infirm elderly in Iraq and elsewhere were squandered by a giant US military killing machine gone haywire.

Watch Frontline's "The Wounded Platoon: Third Platoon, Charlie Company. What happened to them in Iraq, and what happened when they came home."

Let’s talk about true life butchered by a policy that not only takes human life but dismembers a Middle East fomenting discord and death even in countries we need to perfect an Israeli/Palestinian peace. And to make matters worse it bankrupts our nation which could provide necessary services to the maintenance of FULL TERM human life but which nation's blood money has run out. I guess though for you and the rightwing extreme machine only fetuses count!

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