Monday, November 29, 2010

The Dixicrat Blues: "Politico" reports: "Democratic South Finally Falls" (link below).

This loss of Dixie for the Democrats is really nothing new. There is a strain of anti-intellectualism and anti anything academic that is and has always been popular in the rural south. It has been evolving as such for a long time most especially since 1965 as President Johnson predicted his Civil Rights legislation would lose the south for Democrats and, ultimately, it did exactly that. The Republican takeover has today progressed to the state legislatures of the south as well. Even state politics in the south has become federalized.

If that means that Democrats gain votes among more intelligent, more literate, more progressive, more equitable human beings, and more academic truth-tellers than I say it is OKAY by me. Take a slicer to the south and, oh yes, by the way if they do NOT want health care then good, let them not buy into it so there will be more for us Yankees. I will NOT be singing the Dixiecrat Blues anytime soon.

Someday (MAYBE) the poor whites in the south will wake up and realize the Republican party is what it has been for a long time -- the party of big corporations, big pharma, and BIG BIG Wall Street. If poor southern whites can identify with that group good luck to them. I have always said about the middle classes and below that the REPUBLICAN PARTY IS NOT ABOUT THEM! But gaa head vote for the party that represents the wealthiest top 2% of the population and then see what death panels for granny really mean. In true laissez faire "Gone with the Wind" fashion: Frankly my dear I don't give a damn!

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