Thursday, October 28, 2010

Night and Day: I read Glen Greenwald from He is critical ... very critical of the president and his editorial today which in part is about the election is no different. "College Events and Other Matters." Scroll down to No. 4 (link below).

My post was done quickly and, perhaps, is not the most articulate I have written. It gets, however, the point across. I disagreed with his sentiments.

Sorry Glen, BUT

This does not take away from the fact that I look to Glen Greenwald as one source when I formulate my own ideas. He is brilliant and I am thrilled he is on our side. Having said that I think he does what SO many on the left do and that is indict the president for not being LEFT enough.

Why the Democrats MAY lose Congress has more to do with the state of the economy and MUCH more to do as well with the fact that SO many in this country would not know their posterior from their elbow where things political are concerned. They simply do not get it. The nature of this electorate has been a McDonald's generation for quite some time. If they do not get what they want when they want it -- IMMEDIATELY if not sooner -- then to heck with you we will vote for the other side not understanding squat what getting the other side REALLY means.

Either you want to help this country, care about humane causes or you don't. When you criticize president, and I have been guilty of doing that sometimes as well, you throw the election into not just the opposition's hands but an opposition that is even MORE right wing nutty than the one that came before it if that is possible. They are irrational, ignorant, fanatically religious and mean. Read Charles P. Pierce's book "Idiot America: How Stupidity became a Virtue in the Land of the Free" with George Washington on the cover riding a saddled up dinosaur -- just what some of the religious wingnuts think. This is part of the face of the Republican Party!

Part of the left errs to think that both parties are the same. HOW on earth can one look at those who comprise the extremist Republican party now and say that the two parties are no different?

The two parties could not be MORE different. The president supported TARP but he did so WITH RESTRICTIONS. Bush wanted NO restrictions. Are you kidding me? The banksters really could have taken the money and run without payback kind of like Bonnie and Clyde without the guns.

Republicans are the same re: the social issues. What universe do YOU live in? Sure gays did not get all that was wanted BUT they got a hate crimes bill AND they got an administration that employs more gays who are open than at any time in US history including in the Clinton Administration.

My father used to say. What do you want eggs in your beer? I never knew what he meant but now I THINK I do. What do you want the WHOLE enchilada? You WILL NEVER get it if politics is the art of compromise. You WILL get worse and it is possibly happening right now.

My professor, mentor and often email friend Professor Howard Zinn used to say that change comes from the bottom up and it does not matter who is in the White House. I loved him BUT I disagreed with that. It matters A LOT who is in the White House. The Tea Party is the bottom so is that what he meant by the great grass roots? I suspect not.

Thousands of bodies lie in graves because of Bush II policies. They would have been alive today IF Gore had assumed the presidency like he should have. There probably would have been NO 911 and NO invasion of Iraq or Afghanistan.

The parties are both the same? My leftist compatriots you are living, I believe, in an alternative universe. Harry Reid was not the most exciting fire cracker in the bunch but Sharon Angle??? This is who you think is just the same as a Democrat? Think again when you criticize our president.

In 1968 we were ALL fired up on the left. Millions of us were going to change the landscape. What did we get? Richard Nixon. Republicans and Democrats are different as night is to day. Be careful whom you criticize you could and now MIGHT end up with something INFINITELY worse--a Halloween horror show! Anyone going out as Sharon Angle? Her face is like a mask in one episode of The Twilight Zone and she is JUST as frightening as those faces who were behind the masks because the content of their character and hers is so utterly disgusting.

Have fun, Glen, it's going to be a bumpy ride and it WILL give you infinitely more to write about. Try criticizing the REPUBLICANS who need it and NOT the president.

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