Friday, October 29, 2010

My Dad's Wise Thought -- Doing the Right Thing: Paul Krugman in his editorial today in the NYT entitled "Divided we Fail" is VERY pessimistic on the upcoming mid term election. He ends the article by saying "Be afraid be VERY afraid!"

I SAY NO NO NO NO! Do NOT be afraid that is the LAST emotion we need. My father who went through the Great Depression AND an entire world at war that put world Jewry and everyone else at risk had a GREAT faith and love for this country. I used to ask him weren't you afraid. He always said NO. When I asked why he said it was because he ALWAYS ALWAYS had faith in this country that it would get out of the economic difficulty and also that it would win the war. I said to him but you were Jewish and Europe was burning Jews. He said he was HERE in this country and that THIS country he KNEW would do what needs to be done.

In keeping with my father's always positive view (lucky I had part of him in me however recessive a gene it is) we MUST remain hopeful that as difficult as it seems the goodness of this country will show through. We MUST hope that the people of this land do NOT want hate. They want a balanced budget and jobs. We must HOPE that they see that the one who brought us to this horrible time and mess was the party who wants to get back into the power they lost. We MUST HOPE they see the one getting us out slowly is a Democratic president and a Democratic philosophy. We MUST HOPE that our country is good at heart and when push comes to shove our American people WILL be color blind and NOT choose hate.

If my father could be positive in a world of nothing but sorrow then at this time which, I think, pales by comparison, I can TRY to be positive too. The voters have the fate of the country in THEIR OWN hands. We can secure our own selves IF WE GET OUT TO VOTE DEMOCRATIC. There is NOTHING difficult about understanding that. It's up to you to do ANYTHING you can to ensure the pundits and pollsters wrong. GET OUT THE DEMOCRATIC VOTE and prove my dad correct that in the end the country does the right thing!

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