Monday, September 13, 2010

In the Eye of the Beholder: I have been having email correspondence with a relative in Chicago who operates a left wing blog and a radio station, too, that is to the left of left. How left is that? I don't know, pretty LEFT I would say. I told him I could not talk about Israel with him and what does he slip in there of course? This is what he said when I told him he lost me as he touted the glories of the Arab press Al Jazeera. He said:

"Lost you? I want freedom, respect for every one, the law. Al Jazeera is a mouthpiece for facts, not the garbage from the people you follow. You're intelligent. I'm shocked you fall for it. I know the facts. I've seen and read Al Jazeera. I can separate fact from fiction. What too few here can do so they're effectively brainwashed - our greatest problem.

Hamas and Hezbollah aren't terror groups. Another disgusting lie. They're legitimately elected governments. Hamas for Palestine. Hezbollah as part of the Lebanese govt. Don't you know this?

For sure, Israel like America practices state terror, the worst kind, another topic I addressed in general in an article few years back. Again indisputable unless you close your eyes to facts. I never do and base all opinions from them."

I responded in ballistic fashion: Here is what I said:

Facts are in the eye of the beholder. You have turned your back on your OWN people. You have sided AGAINST the people of the Holocaust and have sided WITH people who would DESTROY Jews, who would destroy Israel, who would destroy YOU most especially because even if you are a self loathing Jew you ARE a Jew nonetheless. You side with people who chant death to America, to Israel and death to ALL Jews.

I agree that this country has its faults and I am willing to concede that there is a small group at the top who have all the chips BUT we do NOT agree that one should listen to Hamas, Hezbollah OR Al Jazeera and take instruction from them as to what the world should look like. You say you want freedom, you say you want respect for everyone and respect for the law. See how much respect you get, see how much freedom you get or how fair the law is if groups like Hamas or Hezbollah had their way as they chant death to America and death to Israel.

You side with those who would kill your own people en mass. They would LOVE nothing else but to drive them to the sea and have said so OFTEN. I believe them. I take them at their word. In the 30's the Jews, the ones who LOVED Germany, who fought for Germany in WWI, did not take nascent German fascism seriously and did NOT take Hitlerian belief seriously or believe it was what Germany was really about. Oh it's just words they said; the majority to do not believe that way. MY posterior they didn't. They DID believe that way and proved it.

The six million are inscribed on my genetic code. I LOVE my people, I LOVE my nation despite its shortcomings and MOST importantly, I DO NOT give a RAT'S PETUTI that Hamas was democratically elected and worse that Hezbollah put its own unwanted imprint on Lebanon. It has killed Christians (and Muslims too) by the carload. The Nazis were elected too. That does NOT matter. The content of their character and what they say DOES matter. We do NOT agree. Those religious fundamentalist nations are the scourge of our planet. They want to kill you, they want to kill me and they want to destroy this nation IF they can.

I say put your money where you mouth is. Go live among them but you must live among them as a Jew. See how long you last. No wonder the right gets furious! Even I do at the PREPOSTEROUSNESS of the fringe left. NO one with any integrity and ability to look at things from both sides would or could EVER tout Al Jazeera as the ultimate fact. No one could laud Hamas or Hezbollah as ANYTHING but what they are -- murderers and slaughterers of innocents who would NOT THINK TWICE about eliminating Israel entirely, or me OR YOU for that matter as the Jews that we are. You can NEVER erase your genetics. You are a Jew and it matters not that you are a Judas to your own people. Has the US conducted rancid foreign policy? YES. I believe we can right that wrong short of blood running in the streets.

This is why I often loath the left. The Jewish people can NEVER win. We get it from the rancid LEFT and we get it from the anti Semites on the right. That is why we are rabidly vigilant. There is a world out there made up of Muslims, Christians and left wing Jews who would betray us for some misguided interpretation of erroneous facts. What they want is all Jews dead. IT has been attempted before and most of them, I believe, would love nothing more than to finish the job!

This is why I cannot talk about Israel with you. I am STEADFAST in my support of the Jewish state and I am steadfast too in my love for my own country which has often been misguided and needs to right its ship of state. The question is who will do it. I KNOW it will never be Hamas! I HOPE it will be some in the Democratic Party because it is ALL we have. The basic nature of our country ain't changing any time soon so you better find a way to work with the nation we have not the pipe dream in the sky you THINK it could be. IT WON'T not in THIS lifetime or any other.

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