Sunday, April 25, 2010

Toxic Shock -- Moving Towards Solutions: Today, the news from Louisiana is that the drilling for oil explosion idiocy has turned toxic. Hopeful, with the Obama victory in 2008, my hope has turned to disappointment, despair and sadness as the policies he touted in his campaign become weakened almost beyond recognition. My one time hope, Barack Obama and a total Democratic control of Congress, turned his one time opposition to drill baby drill into now near Sarah Palin policy. I am sickened. I predicted the leaks would happen when he lifted the drilling coastal ban. I knew it ultimately would be leaking into the ocean which it now is doing. Soon we will see gorgeous seagulls and all they represent covered in oil muck and sludge struggling to survive but dying a sad death along with the ecological system they represent unless humans can save them first. Our beautiful earth is being squandered for political expediency, money and power.

I just began viewing the tape of the "Garbage Warrior" on the Sundance Channel. See the link for it below. I urge you to see it. What a marvel it is. I was always supportive of most of the environmental movement's goals beginning in the late sixties but must admit, ashamedly, that the environmental movement did not catch fire in my psyche until the realities of global warming, which most quality environmentalists have been predicting for decades, are quickly taking place. I did not listen much three decades ago but I am SURELY listening now.

Michael Reynolds's architectural commitment to our beautiful earth shows it CAN be done if the right people do it. I thank him for his efforts and hope he makes a HUGE impact on environmental movement policy. Instead of seeing this film on Sundance I wish it were shown on the major networks for EVERYONE who does not have the luxury of cable to view. What he has done NEEDS to be seen.

It is a wonderful film. Maybe even our president will view it!

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