Saturday, April 24, 2010

Collective Madness: A few thoughts in the a.m. to be refined later due to time constraints. I have to get my basic thoughts out because of the deep horror of what transpired in Arizona by an Arizona legislature enacting and a moronic governor signing a putrid, inhumane, anti-immigrant law. What a ROTTEN UNCONSTITUTIONAL, anti-democratic, anti-due process, racist anti-immigrant law it is. Police now can pull you over even if you LOOK like an illegal immigrant --usually Hispanic-- brilliantly determined by the "right" kind of hair, dress, or shoes and ask you for your papers! What papers? Your birth certificate or the paper you wrote in 5th grade? This will cost the state of Arizona big time money (I FERVENTLY hope) by those boycotting the state (please do if you are thinking of going -- DON'T and urge others not to as well). Not only that it will cost the police in BIG TIME lawsuits. Even most of them hate this law.

I am going to write something and incorporate a world (including nature) gone wild, no parameters, no boundaries whether it's sex, language vulgarity, political extremism, tell all movie stars, anti immigrant fever, pedophilia, religious fanaticism, global warming caused by man or Wall Street. It's all similar. There are FEW restraints on human behavior. It is cerebral, physical and even natural anarchy brought on by man's greed, gluttonous and pathologically uncontrolled behavior. This is humanity run amok. We have, as a species gone, I believe, collectively MAD and deserve, in my opinion, whatever nature dishes out. More to follow when I have time. I'm sure you can hardly wait.

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