Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brown's Balancing Act: I agree with Scott Lehigh (Boston Globe February 23, 2010 editorial "How is Brown doing?" Link below), the reviews of Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown's performance, so far -- he's been in the Senate only one month -- are mixed. In addition to getting his facts straight, Senator Brown will have to dance a precarious policy dance. If he leans a little to much to one side he gets slammed by those on the other side; lean too much on the other side and he gets slammed again by the opposite side. He must bob and weave from one side to the next while staying smack dab in the ever-so-narrow middle like the Fiddler on the Roof. It can be done but it will take incredible balancing act to do it.

Good luck to Senator Brown, being in such a polarized Senate, like Tevya's fiddler, he walks a tightrope. Lean too much one way or the other and he will fall off the roof! It is a sad commentary of our time that one needs an ideological litmus test to gain entrance into the exclusive Republican Party club.

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