Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bipartisanship shmaipartisanship -- Glen Greenwald gets it correct yet again: I would just like to know if Glen Greenwald gets anything wrong [see link below]. To me at least it appears he does not. I would add a few things about this plea for bipartisanship on bended knee by Democrats seeking it from Republicans.

As usual bipartisanship works ONLY in one direction. The Republicans are absolutely INTRACTABLE and loath to the idea of bipartisanship lest their base have cardiac arrests thinking that one of their own actually compromised with a Democrat, liberal, progressive, socialist, Communist, Nazi.

Not so on the opposite side of the isle for the very points Glen mentioned. Democrats do not give a second thought to alienating THEIR base as Rahm Emanuel smugly says Obama should not worry about the Democratic base.

So Republicans worry about their own base to avoid being sent home but Democrats do not have to worry about their base so they keep voting yes to things Republicans want like war funding, civil liberties encroachment and soon to be a so called "bipartisan" consumer protection agency. All of a sudden President Obama says well we can craft "bipartisan" consumer protection within another institutional entity to save money when it is ever so CLEAR having it in one agency devoted to consumer protection is what is needed to avoid another catastrophe as stated by the preeminent Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel on banks and the TARP bailout, Elizabeth Warren.

So bipartisan shmaipartisan when it only works for one side it's called Democratic spinelessness to STAND FOR SOMETHING as they shake in their pants.

I say to Rahm Emanuel, DON'T always count on your base to come through. I'M one of your base and I just MAY sit the next election cycle out.

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