Thursday, July 16, 2009

Intelligent Design?: The Boston Globe July 15, 2009 op-ed article by Stephen Meyer "Jefferson support for intelligent design" offers the earth's complexity as proof of an "intelligent design" creator behind it and uses Jefferson, one of our Founding Fathers, as supporting that argument. This is meaningless as to the truth of "intelligent design" itself.

Attaching a Founding Father's opinion to an "intelligent design" concept is usually code for placing the truth of a god-created universe at the center of science. Jefferson may have been a wise and prescient man who created one of our most breathtaking and enduring democratic documents but he was man of the 18th century and his understanding of science was limited to the age in which he lived. A belief in an undefined intelligent design creator of the universe by Jefferson or anyone else, for that matter, does not prove that there is one. The only thing science knows is what it knows and can prove. Science can prove the existence of a universe, the existence of DNA, the atom, the existence of bacteria etc. and man can rejoice in their awesomeness and discovery but what so called intelligent entity began or is behind it all is for now and maybe forever unknowable.

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