Thursday, July 16, 2009

An Inextricable Link: PBS Frontline asked me to take a survey on a particular episode. In doing that, as I perused the Frontline web site, I came across an old episode shown in 1985 called "Memory of the Camps" narrated by Trevor Howard. Yes, I have seen this or parts of it before but I decided to watch it again. Every single time I view it I see WHY Jews are so obsessed with the Holocaust and WHY we hold it SO imperative that it never happen to us again.

Committing horrors upon others is no answer either but as some understand the Palestinian plight I see the Jewish plight because I have a connection to it. Not only do I have a connection to it but it has also formed my politics since day one. If you cut and paste into your browser or click on the link below, if you can bear it, you again will refresh memory of the greatest perpetration of slaughter in the thousands of years of human history. Nothing so horrifically and so completely like it has been done to an entire group of innocent people. Yes, I know, the Holocaust decimated other groups as well. STILL, there is NO getting away from the fact of its deliberate attempt to eliminate, in particular, the Jew. It nearly succeeded no matter how many, because of their ignorance or their antisemitism, choose to deny it. It happened, it happened to most ESPECIALLY the Jewish people and it happened in relatively recent history.

When I hear those demonstrating against Israel and for the Palestinian cause and chanting "Jews, you belong in the camps" or "Jews, go to the ovens" or "Hitler didn't do enough" I understand why the Jewish heart is so rabidly attached to the Jewish state as again and again ALL over the world there are calls to exterminate us to finish the Hitlerian job. Israel and the Holocaust are inextricably linked most probably for all time UNLESS or UNTIL a force stronger than Israel, perish the thought, decides otherwise.

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