Sunday, July 26, 2009

Anti-Choice Hypocrisy: In Jeff Jacoby's July 26, 2009 Op ed "Abortion and the echo of eugenics," he ridiculously compares various respected progressives who have been at the forefront of the right to privacy, birth control and choice issues by equating them with racist Hitlerian types in various historical eugenics movements.

Conservatives become morally outraged at the abortion of the “unborn” because the mother may not want her child born into a life of grinding poverty or because the child, if taken to term, might be relegated to life-long grave mental or physical disability. When asked for the state or nation to provide full term human beings with social benefits they care not so much as they rant and rave against liberal social policies which try to ensure programs are adequately funded to help full term human beings who may have those very same problems. Conservatives have no problem vociferously and arduously working against social programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security or single payer health care which have created or could create programs for the elderly, sick, poor and handicapped but are morally incensed at those who may consider for health, economic and other serious reasons the termination of a fetus to be necessary.

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