Friday, December 01, 2006

A political rant: Forgive the rather lose phrasiology but this is a rant. A friend of mine sent me a petition to have paper ballots. I signed the petition! We need to crush those Republican cheats and paper ballots would be one way to ensure they don't steal everything like they did in 2000, 2004 and even some in 2006! Thankfully, we prevailed but we can NEVER give up, always be vigilant bec. they have no morality and will do ANYTHING to win. While I'm revved up, I believe in intense subpoenaed under oath hearings come January. Bush and his corrupt minions need to be held accountable for his murderous policies. He should, absolutely without question be impeached and in my opinion he should be convicted, removed from office and prosecuted for manslaughter. He has been responsible for the murder of 3000 of our soldiers through his lies and murders of COUNTLESS others. He cannot talk about murders in Iraq when he lied his way into a war and committed his own murders and actually PUT more of the murders in Iraq to begin with. If Al Quaeda is there HE put them there. He is a liar, a coward and a moron and he above anyone else should be held accountable under the articles of impeachment of the US Constitution. If they did it to Clinton they SURELY should do it to Bush who has committed the most EGREGIOUS acts much worse than anything any other president (including Andrew Johnson who was the only other one to face impeachment besides Clinton) None has ever been convicted but I think Bush should be. He deserves it. What is worse then brining a country to war under false pretenses?

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