Saturday, December 02, 2006

Political Processes and Impeachment
I signed a petition to return to paper ballots which will ensure, I think, a fairer election and reduce the possibility of computer fraud. I will attach below a link to the site if you are interested. In my opinion, we need to prevent the Republican and other cheats from stealing elections again. Paper ballots would be one way to ensure they do not steal another as they did in 2000, 2004 and even some in 2006!

Thankfully, Democrats prevailed this time but we can NEVER give up, and must always be vigilant because these Republicans generally do not care about morality (except in our bedrooms) and will do ANYTHING to win. 2008 is a critical election yet again especially if a Bush clone such as Romney, God forbid Jeb Bush or anyone else tied to the coattails of the religious right, runs in some capacity. Even a vice-presidency made up of candidates such as they who will renew the Evangelical religious threat, its reemergence and assumption of power ensuring decades more of religious rule. The influence of this hostile takeover and threat to our fundamental structure in the separation clause of our Constitution must not be allowed to happen again. It has had disastrous consequences from Iraq and US foreign policy to global warming, privacy rights, a belief in science not superstition, stem cell research and many other things crucial to the survival of humanity.

I believe, too, in intense subpoenaed-under-oath-hearings in January, 2007 as to why Bush took us to war. Bush and his corrupt minions need to be held accountable for their murderous policies and above all lies. He should, in my opinion, if these investigations show (which I believe they will) he lied us into war, be impeached. In my opinion, too, he and his cohorts should be convicted, removed from office and prosecuted for manslaughter and crimes against humanity.
He has, I believe, been responsible for the murder of 3000 of our soldiers and the horrific life-long wounding of others because of his lies. He is responsible for COUNTLESS other deaths and injuries as well. He cannot talk about murders in Iraq when he lied his way into a war and committed his own murders which actually PUT more terrorists in Iraq who were not there before the invasion. He shattered a country and all the king's horses had no plan to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Al Quaeda is now in Iraq because HE put them there.

He is a liar, he is cruel, he is a coward who evaded the draft and he is a moron. He is an embarrassment to this nation for the world's eyes to see and he, above anyone else, should be held accountable under the Articles of Impeachment of the US Constitution. Clinton was impeached for so much less. SURELY Bush should be as well because his lawlessness has been so much more egregious, devastating to our way of life and much more unconstitutional. He has committed acts worse than anything committed by any other president (including Andrew Johnson who was the only other president in US history to face impeachment besides Clinton.) None has ever been convicted but I think Bush, et al should be.

George W. Bush and Vice President Cheney, through their administration's policies have breached US Constitutional Amendment I, Amendment IV, Amendment V, Amendment VI, Amendment VII, and Amendment VIII. What is worse then bringing a country to war under false pretenses, lying to Congress, torturing, unlawfully imprisoning and wiretapping our citizenry? These policies have cost unnecessary death, loss of physical capacities, expenditure of huge sums of monies, and the ruination of a sovereign nation state which had not attacked us and had no weapons of mass destruction. He created Middle East regional discord under false pretenses. The list goes on seemingly without end. He has threatened our way of life because he has opened up a hornets' nest of angry people in a part of the world that is one of the most violent areas on earth.

Send email, letters, faxes to prevail upon your elected representatives that you want national leaders to be held accountable for their policies and misdeeds. Send them so our leaders know they can never again take us to war lightly, preemptively without strong evidence and without a Declaration of War as stipulated in our Constitution. Our Founders gave us the tools. As Ben Franklin said when he was asked what kind of government our Founders gave the world he said: "a republic if you can keep it." I believe he would say the very same thing today.


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